Long Lasting Colour Cream 3D HOLOGRAPHY 4.25 Burgundy
Art.: 4ST17-3197

Long Lasting Colour Cream 3D HOLOGRAPHY 4.25 Burgundy

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Long lasting colour for those who like to be bright and have glossy and shining hair! The innovative formula ensures maximum coverage on the gray hair!
Step 1: Prepare the mixture in accordance with the instruction.
Step 2: The mixture may be applied both to dry and slightly wet hair. Separating the hair into sections apply the colour to the roots from the back of your head upwards. First colour the gray hair sections. Using a coarse-toothed comb consistently distribute the mixture through your hair. Hold 40 minutes.
Step 3:For colouring gray hair increase the time by 10-15 minutes, for colouring lightened hair decrease the time by 10-15 minutes.

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