TONIKA yellowness neutralizer Tint shampoo, 150ml
Art.: 4RT18-7668

TONIKA yellowness neutralizer Tint shampoo, 150ml

Application: Wear protective gloves, cover the shoulders with a towel. Apply shampoo to wet clean hair and evenly distribute. Shampoo can be used for washing the head and to neutralize the yellowness on the hair. The application time of shampoo on the hair: up to 3 minutes. After the recommended time, rinse the hair until the water is clear. Special recommendations: The color of shading shampoo may differ from the shade on the hair, which will be the result. Before dyeing, it is recommended to conduct a test on a separate strand, noting the time of appearance of the desired result. If the colorant gets on the surface of the bathroom, it should be washed off with the help of sanitary ware cleaners.

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