Mi&Ko Face cream coffee daily SPF10 30 ml
Art.: 6MK30-4015

Mi&Ko Face cream coffee daily SPF10 30 ml

This cream will awaken your skin, give a powerful boost of energy and good mood - just like a good cup of coffee in the morning! Formula cream to limit saturated with natural tonics, anti-oxidants, precious oils and extracts. Everything else in the cream contains a jewel in the literal sense of the word! We are talking about powdered pearls - tiny pearly nuggets that as a suit of armor will protect your delicate skin from the "copies" of the sun's rays. In a cream containing green coffee oil, shea butter, extracts of sugar beet and corn, ginkgo biloba, gotu kola, ginseng, and another two dozen high-end's Skin components. They rejuvenate, nourish and tone your skin. With such luxurious creams retains a light, almost a gel texture and happy owners of oily and combo skin a complete lack of brilliance - as if it was not a cream, and a primer under makeup. Complementing the picture anti-stress effect of invigorating natural herbal fragrance with fresh notes of lemongrass. The main active components Oil green coffee contains hyaluronic acid and an extensive range of vitamins. Deeply moisturizes skin, improves circulation and strengthens its power. It promotes the production of elastin, restores skin tone and high elasticity. Great antioxidant, protecting cells from free radicals and other factors of premature aging. Reduces skin damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, especially from the UVB rays that cause erythema. Hydrolysed extracts were corn and beet also possess strong antioxidant properties. Reduced lipid protect the stratum corneum, relieve inflammation, soothe, and soften the tone. Pearl powder - a natural sunscreen with a protection factor of SPF10, prevents the formation of age spots, whiten skin. Powder is rich in minerals and calcium that is easily absorbed by the skin. It regulates water balance, stimulates circulation, promotes active regeneration of cells. It creates a matting effect, so that the skin becomes smooth, leveled complexion.
Ingredients: water artesian wax neem, glycerin vegetable oil, coffee, powdered pearls, coconut oil, collagen, vegetable, hydrolyzed extract of corn (and) beet extract, squalane, vegetable, lanolin, vegetable, alcohol cetyl, shea butter, rice bran oil, honeysuckle extract , lactic acid, sage extract, makleyi extract, horsetail extracts, rosemary, horse chestnut, gotu kola, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, calendula, essential oils of lemongrass, lavender, peppermint.
Wax neem contain glycerides of fatty acids that nourish and moisturize the skin, restoring its tone and elasticity. Coconut oil - the legendary beauty potion. Rich in saturated fatty acids, which nourish the skin, instantly making it more soft and velvety, and do not create a greasy film. Smoothes, rejuvenates possesses antioxidant activity. It acts against pathological microorganisms on the skin. Rice bran oil - one of the most popular cosmetic oils in Asia. Natural antioxidant power of vitamin E, perfectly regenerates the skin. It makes the skin more elastic, smoothes fine lines. Vegetable collagen like "wet compression" for skin: holds a large amount of moisture, saturates amino tissue rejuvenates and strengthens. Vegetable squalane easily absorbed by the skin, having a biological affinity with it. It softens, exhibits antioxidant properties, increases the oxygen supply to the skin cells. Shea butter keeps the eternal youth of the great trees, which continue to bear fruit, even in the age of more than two hundred years. Deeply nourishes the skin, gently protects against aggressions and stress, stimulates the synthesis of new collagen and contains natural UV filters. Lactic acid - a means for gentle exfoliation, optimal for sensitive and problem skin age. Strengthens tissue renewal, smoothes the microrelief, cleans the surface of dead skin cells. Honeysuckle extract rich in vitamin C, and bioflavonoids, reinforcing capillary walls. Reduces the symptoms of rosacea, disinfects the skin, removes traces of stress and helps to gain a healthy glow. Extracts of calendula and makleyi multiply the effect of anti-inflammatory agents, prevents the appearance of spots, normalizes oily skin. Sage extract acts like its flavor: relaxes, reduces stress, adjusts to rest. Heals skin microtrauma, disinfects and improves blood circulation. Gotu kola extract from ancient times known as an anti-aging drug. Stimulates the growth of collagen, tones the capillaries of the skin and improves its elasticity. It accelerates the healing of wounds. Ginkgo biloba extract - a powerful anti-aging component with a pronounced ability to whiten the skin, reduce excessive oiliness and evens the complexion. Ginseng extract. Legendary "root of life" is incredibly easy and quick returns tired skin tone, youth and beauty. It stimulates the metabolism and cell renewal. Moisturizes, heals, plumping the skin and increases its vitality. Lavender essential oil has the ability to instantly refresh and soothe the skin. And extracts of horsetail and horse chestnut strengthen and tone it. The essential oil of lemongrass refreshing, fatigue, reduces enlarged pores, combats acne and inflammation.
Apply a small amount to clean, dry skin of the face and décolleté, evenly distribute the light massage. After 5 minutes, remove the remnants of the cream with a napkin. Do not use if you are hypersensitive to the components.


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