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Cookies and privacy policy of the online store


Cookies used by the Online Shop

1.1. We use different types of Cookies that are different with their target and storage duration. During time and use, the cookies may be updated or modified by improving the experience of use. Basically, the Cookies we use provide the following functions:

1.1.1. identification of the visitor; 
1.1.2. the provision of shopping in the online shop; 
1.1.3. ensuring personal tenders; 
1.1.4. online shop security; 
1.1.5. statistics.

Excluding the Cookies

1.2. You must remember that you are the owner and the holder of Cookies (the Cookies are stored on your device). You can control, delete, and completely turn off the Cookies in your browser settings. However, note that without the use of the Cookies you are not likely to be able to use or fully use the online shop.

Additional information

1.3. You can get additional information about the Cookies on



Your consent to the processing of Personal Data

2.1. You give us consent to the processing of your Personal Data.

2.2. You agree with automated decision making, as described in detail in paragraph 3.5 of the Policy and below.

Collection of Personal Data

2.3. We collect Personal Data, basically when you are using the Online Shop.

Information to be provided to the Customer by the Company regarding the processing of Personal Data (Article 13 of the Regulation)

2.4. Pursuant to Article 13 of the Regulation prescribing that, where personal data are collected from the data subject (Customer), the controller (Company) shall provide the data subject with the information provided for in Article 13 of the Regulation, we shall provide you with the following information:

2.4.1. The controller, within the meaning of the Regulation, is the Company. You can contact us by: electronic mail, by sending a consignment to the public e-mail address specified in the Online Shop contacts section; or ordinary mail, by sending a letter to the address of the Company specified in the Online Shop contacts section.

2.4.2. The Company processes your Personal Data for the following purposes: to ensure the best and subjective-oriented experience of purchasing on the Online Shop and using other Online Shop functions; to provide you with personalised advertising; for analytical purposes; to ensure compliance with the Conditions, the Policy, other regulations of the Company and applicable regulatory enactments; to fulfil the obligations of the Company in accordance with the requirements of applicable regulatory enactments (for example, regarding accounting).

For the avoidance of doubt: Based on your surfing on the web, including visiting of the Online Shop, the personalized advertising may be displayed to you also in other resources. The companies such as Google are responsible for demonstrating such an advertising, which is taking place beyond control of the Company. You can learn more about this on

2.4.3. The legal basis for processing is your consent, while upon entry in the contract for the sale of Goods (shopping in the Online Shop) the legal basis shall be the contract for the sale of Goods.

2.4.4. Potential recipients of your Personal Data, depending on the Personal Data category, may be: competent authorities (e.g. the State Revenue Service, relating to accounting) outsourcing service providers of the Company (e.g. accounting outsourcing service providers) IT service providers of the Company (in the context of IT infrastructure provision of the Company); payment service providers (PSPs); suppliers who ensure the supply of Goods; The Company partners, in so far as it is necessary within the framework of normal commercial activity; assignees in the event of assignment; employees and officials of the Company.

2.4.5. We will store your Personal Data for as long as those are necessary for the purpose in which these Personal Data is collected (for example, if you have registered in the Online Shop, all the time of registration), and not less than a term prescribed by law thereafter, such as a statutory term of storage (if applicable) or a statutory limitation period (if its application to the specific Personal Data is useful).

2.4.6. Due to the processing of your Personal Data performed by us, you have the following rights: the right to request access to your Personal Data; the right to request rectification of your Personal Data; in the cases provided for in the Regulation, the right to request erasure of your Personal Data (right to be forgotten); in the cases provided for in the Regulation, the right to request restriction of processing concerning you; the right to object to processing if the processing is carried out without complying with the provisions of the Regulation; the right to receive your Personal Data, which you have provided to the Company, in a structured, widely used and machine-readable format.

2.4.7. You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of Personal Data at any time. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the processing of your Personal Data based on the consent provided prior to the withdrawal. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the processing based on the contract for the sale of Goods or other grounds laid down in the Regulation.

2.4.8. You have the right to submit a complaint to the Supervisory Authority – the Data State Inspectorate (

2.4.9. The provision of Personal Data shall be a prerequisite for the use of the Online Shop and for the conclusion of the contract for the sale of Goods. If you would not like to provide Personal Data, you do not have the right to use the Online Shop, but if you are already using it, this use should be stopped immediately.

2.4.10. The Company may have automated decision making, including profiling (paragraph 3.5 et seq. of the Policy).


You can learn more about the Customer Rights in the Conditions for Use of the Online Shop.